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Find Your Purpose
To find your purpose you must continuously grow and experience a close and personal relationship with Christ.  Every service you attend, every body building course you take helps your faith grow.  A relationship isn’t developed overnight, but we encourage you to take the steps in becoming the woman or man of God you are created to be.
Become A Member

The purpose of this class is to give persons who desire to become members of Fruit City Church a basic understanding of our beliefs, goals and purpose.  The Lord can use an immature, surrendered Christian in limited ways.  But as the Christian grows in maturity, effectiveness also grows.  To be an influence for Christ in his community or in the word, he must learn how to grow spiritually.  His knowledge of how to introduce men and women to the Savior must increase and he must be able to help other believers reach a higher level of maturity in Christ (I Peter 2:2, II Peter 1:2-4).  

Serve In Ministry

The ministries of Fruit City Church are designed to provide spiritual nourishment and mentoring to those who are looking for a higher level of commitment to faith, family, and friends.  The impact of the ministries will be exemplified throughout the community and in turn will be build a stronger environment through the power of God. Ministry of Helps supports the Pastor by setting good examples through a consistent display of spiritual strengths and personal integrity.

"Developing Fruitful Lives"

Fruit City Church
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